“KA” is the African Term for “SOUL”. We believe that if you live your life consciously aware and choose to live your life by your "KA", all of the desires and inclinations will flow in your life effortlessly and you will know the “higher” choice for yourself in any situation.

KA AWAKEN Coaching is an online life and wellness coaching business that specializes in helping women business owners prioritize and balance their well-being with their life/work schedules.

KA AWAKEN Coaching offers both One-on-One & Group Coaching for Women Business Owners, Women Professionals, or any Professional who believes in growth, the power of synergy, learning from his/her peers, and improving all aspects of your life!


It’s time for our busy-working professionals and entrepreneurs to take back control of who they are, what they think, what they say, how they feel, and everything that leads YOU to your final result....the final decision you make. We are here to help as an accountability and strategic thinking partner to help you get back in control of your wellness, your day-to-day life, and your business so you can run them with the snap of your finger and no longer feel the pressure of being overworked!


“There's a way to do everything you want to do, but you must understand it's not going to be what it seems.”

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We often find ourselves at a disadvantage in any field. Throughout history, women were basically property in many societies. Female babies are targeted disproportionately for infanticide. We are often the targets of sexual assault, we always hear criticism because of our appearance, we suffer job inequalities, and deal with many other things like:

  • Personal and professional life balance: There is this unsaid rule that women all over the world are expected to take care of their home as well as manage a successful business. Finding the right balance between them is essential but unfortunately, in our society, a woman is required to give more importance to her family rather than her career.
  • Self Discipline: Lack of purpose and goals in life is responsible as to why we lack self-discipline. Your friends and family can play a role in this. They can either help you regain or lose your confidence. Most people don’t have any self-discipline because they defeat themselves mentally before they even begin the task or when a rough patch hits.
  • Time management: There are too many things going on around you even if you did know your function. Think of all the things you have to do: work meetings, family matters, trying to exercise, run errands, social engagements, hobbies, and health maintenance. Things might not go as you planned especially if there are unprecedented issues.
  • Mentally stress: In today’s society, the source of stress for women can be different than men. This can be due to the many roles we take such as taking care of the family and fulfilling demands in our work. Stress management becomes difficult as we age. Your body cannot physically handle stress the same way it did when you were younger. It can be very challenging to have a good night’s sleep and cope with stress mentally.
  • Lack of support: Lack of mentors and advisors is another major setback for women entrepreneurs. According to a survey, 48% of female entrepreneurs said that the lack of mentors and advisors restrain their professional growth. In a world where high-level business is dominated by men, it becomes difficult for women to excel in their profession without someone showing them the right way.
  • Gaps exist in their knowledge, skills, confidence, or resources: Gender imbalance is a key issue today. Statistics show that there is a widening gap when it comes to knowledge, skills, and resources between men and women unless more women are trained and recruited to do the jobs in various industries.
  • Lack of clarity clouds and distort options for how to improve your overall personal well-being, we do not know it all and there is always room for improvement. Getting more clarity on how to boost doing the things that make you feel well will affect your overall life plans, strategies, choices, and decisions.
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We as women go through a lot and due to that, most women wants to do it all without it all falling apart. Even some of our men can cosign with that fact that in the growing needs of your family, you'll want to generate more revenue streams, better yourselves, stay in shape and be consistent with it, and keep looking ageless. You may even want to improve some of the relationships in your life, make better decisions, eliminate limiting beliefs, and accomplish personal and professional goals you have! Please understand you are not alone in this fight.... It is important for us to go after what we are called to do and to support one another in their goals and trials to help make a difference so we can excel far to bring more unity, peace, and resources to all of our lives.

As your accountability and strategic thinking partner, KA AWAKEN Coaching wants you to grow and succeed! We will be your main support system through whatever you are trying to accomplish right now so that you can have your peace of mind back and strength to take on the next challenge in your life!


We believe and stand by the principle of HOLISTIC “MIND-BODY-SOUL” LIVING that dictates all human interaction seen and unseen. All services and products of KA AWAKEN Coaching are tailored with this approach for those who are active in the creation of their own destiny!

Personal Wellness involves your mind, body, and soul. So that means how you spend your time & what you choose to think, say, & do determines the kind of life you will have, affecting your how mind, body, and soul responds to things in your life.

At KA AWAKEN Coaching, we help prioritize & intertwine wellness back into your lives, while balancing your already full work & home life. This saves you the needed time & energy for what matters most to you!

My optimum goal is to help you with the following areas:
My Optimum Goal

You deserve a life filled with happiness, love, blessings, greatness, and whatever else your heart desires. You are in control of who you want to be. You can’t live a life out of fear and regrets. I believe that there is something special inside you and don’t let others make you forget that! You don’t have to remain dreaming of the life that you want but can’t have. Open your eyes, change your life, and seize the day!


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“Am I living the life I deserve?” This is a tough question to ponder now. I’ve also asked this question to myself once and thankfully, I have discovered the things that are necessary to change in my life.

Changing your old life and habits may be the hardest thing, but it’s worth it if done right because you get to live the life you know you deserve and you can truly live in peace and harmony. Changing is hard but let me help you throughout the entire process.

Let not your fears overcome you. Fear can cause you to miss out on opportunities that will allow you to reach your full potential or that life you want. What's more important...the fear of taking that next step or actually knowing if you did it, you would skyrocket? Instead of allowing fear to paralyze you, see it as the force to propel you to the next phase of the life you desire.

If you’re ready to take the next steps for a better well-being and more time for yourself, it would be my pleasure to give you 30-45 minutes of my time, free of charge, no strings – for us to talk, see what is and is not working in your life, and help you create a strategy for your goals to get that great big smile on your face so you can start making power moves!

If you or someone else is looking for a more balanced & stress-free lifestyle, I’d love to talk more! Check out KA AWAKEN’s Blog posts here.

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Life Coach Training and Certification for Life Coaching
Life Coaching, Mentoring and Certification


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